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At Barakat Cotton, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, bleached absorbent cotton according to international pharmacopoeia standards. We use cutting-edge technology, as well as industry-best practices in the production process. Through established strategic partnerships with our raw cotton suppliers from around the world, we meet or exceed our clients’ wide range of needs, enabling us to produce trusted, pure, and safe cotton for the end user.


Based in Gaziantep, Turkey which provides easy access to major ports and transportation hubs, Barakat Cotton is one of the newest and technologically advanced cotton processing plants in Turkey, boasting 15.000sqm state of the art machinery, and infrastructure.

Through our affiliate company , we have been in the cotton industry for two decades. Established in Uzbekistan in 1999, Barakat Alfa was the first to bring a fully integrated, fully automated absorbent bleached cotton plant in the region, establishing itself as one of the largest in Central Asia.

Our Products

Barakat Cotton produces bleached absorbent cotton using hydrogen peroxide under superior quality control standards, ensuring our products meet or exceed total hygienic protection from start to finish. We follow the high standards set forth by the world’s medical cotton industry. Our plant has an inhouse laboratory, with state-of-the-art testing equipment and highly skilled technicians with many years of experience in their field. Our products can be made per customer specifications, customized for their planned end-use. Finished products are made ready by packing them into polypropylene bales.

Bleached Combed Cotton

Bleached Combed Cotton

High quality and whiteness; increased elasticity; high liquid retention and absorbency. Preferred for all basic cotton goods.

Bleached Combed Cotton Soft

Bleached Combed Cotton Soft

High quality, softness, and whiteness; increased elasticity; high liquid retention and absorbency. Preferred for cosmetic and baby products.

Bleached Combed Cotton Crispy

Bleached Combed Cotton Crispy

High quality, firmness, and elasticity; incredibly durable and resistant to breakage. Preferred for cotton buds, nonwoven fabrics, and silver hoisting.

Bleached Striped Cotton

Bleached Striped Cotton

High liquid retention and absorbency; long cotton fibers; reduced whiteness. Preferred for feminine hygiene, personal hygiene, and medical goods.

Bleached Combed Cotton Crispy

Bleached Fair-Trade Combed Cotton

High quality and whiteness; increased elasticity; high liquid retention and absorbency. Preferred for its fair-trade harvesting and used for all basic cotton goods.

Bleached Striped Cotton

Bleached Organic Combed Cotton

High quality and whiteness; high liquid retention and absorbency; certified eco-friendly. Preferred for all basic cotton goods.


Our absorbent bleached cotton is suitable for the manufacture of all basic cotton products.

  • Cotton Ball

  • Cotton Bud

  • Cotton Pad

  • Feminine Care

  • Filtration

  • Nonwoven

Our Production Process

Barakat Cotton produces bleached cotton products while adhering to the technical specifications and analytical methods regulated and set forth by the European Pharmacopoeia standards. Quality control tests are carried out at our fully equipped and modern inhouse laboratory facility in order to ensure that all products meet or exceed the aforementioned standards.


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